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Sexual intercourse is a healthy and natural part of life and, more than that, an essential component of a stable relationship. In order for a couple to reach complete emotional harmony, they need to connect physically, explore their bodies and be intimate with each other. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and many otherwise perfect couples begin to fall apart because of unsatisfactory sexual life. Sometimes, this happens as a result of various life issues, but there are also cases when partners are unable to connect in relationships because they are unconfident, stressed or tense. In this situation, talking and communicating may not be enough to solve things. For example, if the woman has gone through an emotional trauma or her sexuality is changing as a result of the ageing process, professional measures need to be taken. Yoni massage therapy is one of them; the name comes from the Sanskrit word for the vagina and the therapy balances the physical, emotional and spiritual approach.

Yoni massages are performed only by specialised sexologists, who not only have a deep understanding of the female anatomy, but also the experience needed to release women of the sexual tension they might experience. This is done through a lengthy intimate massage that helps the woman rec-connect with her sexuality, relax and experience intense pleasure in a serene and spiritual environment. Originating from ancient times, this therapy is now popular all over the world and has gained a significant number of followers. For example, many women who book Yoni massage Gold Coast sessions, do so on their partner’s suggestion, because they are no longer to reach orgasm or be confident in an intimate setting. However, Yoni massage should not be seen as a purely sexual habit. On the contrary, it is spiritual in nature and involves an emotional release.

One of the most beneficial things about Yoni massage is that it is personalised based on the client’s needs and requirements. Complete emotional healing may take a number of sessions, from case to case. During this session, the therapist will use Yoni massage as a means of satisfaction and emotional nurturing. Being able to experience complete pleasure again, clients regain their confidence and are able to re-connect sexually with their partners. In addition, they may even be more open with their partners and try new experiences that may create a deeper connection.

Many women feel too embarrassed or guilty to talk about the connection between emotional stress and intercourse issues with their partners, which is why booking a session with a professional becomes all the more important. They will take the time to help you reach the maximum level of spiritual awakening and help remove negative energies with calm and patience. It is important to go to these sessions with an open mind, read about Yoni massage practices beforehand and, most importantly, only choose a professional therapist with whom you feel comfortable. For example, if you live in the Gold Coast region, you can contact Michael from