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In the past training in martial arts was considered an activity for men, and the majority of women prefer to practice other sports. But now we are living in an era where women can practice any activity they want, and they feel their have skills for. The present times are all about women empowerment, so it may be the time for you, as a woman to try this sport. People nowadays consider strong women sexy, so this is exactly what you should want to be looked like. Yes, women are built more delicately than men are, but this does not mean that they cannot do the same activities. The fact is that the women who practice sport on a regularly basis are stronger than the majority of men are. What you should know is that Thai boxing focuses on the hardest parts of a woman’s body as the top of their head, their knees and their elbows, and they have to take care during the training, because they can get injured.

The greatest benefits of practicing corsi Thai boxe Firenze is that you can eat whatever you want and you will not have to worry about your weight. This is every woman’s dream, to eat as much as they want and to fit in their favorite pair of jeans. A sessions of boxing will make you lose up to 1000 calories, so what other training can do this for your body? Thai Boxing combines martial arts techniques with cardio, and this means that your entire body will benefit of a strong workout. Only by dong the stretching and conditioning exercise, you will burn the calories you have eaten at lunch.

The women who practice boxing do not have self-confidence issues, because they know that their body looks beyond everyone’s dreams. You will be able to do new exercises daily, so the feeling that this week you are stronger than the last one will make you feel confident and you will be sure that you are able to get to the next level. Boxing helps you become a better version of yourself, and if you want to have better results, then you should combine it with allenamento funzionale Firenze. The worst enemies of a woman are her hormones, so if you want to fight them, then you should try this training. Boxing will increase the level of serotonin and endorphins in your body and it will lower the cortisol that is a bad hormone. In this way, you will be able to deal with mood swings and unnecessary stress.

The combination of movements incorporated in this training will help you develop muscles you did not even think you have. If you are already hit the gym Playoff Firenze, boxing will improve your flexibility, sore strength and range of movements. Moreover, the cardio part of the workout will boost your stamina so you will not suffer any more from shortness of breath. Boxing is a great activity, and you should at least try it, to see how you feel.