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When it comes to the perfect form of training, there are many opinions contradicting. Some say that plyometrics are the answer, others that spinning is fat’s worst enemy. But when it comes to boxing, all the voices claim that it is the ultimate fat burner. This is an efficient full body workout, training different group muscles, which increases the resistance in a different way than the previously mentioned workouts do. Playoff Firenze is a great boxing class provider, the class being part of a varied portfolio. However, let’s analyze in the following paragraphs why boxing is such a great workout.

Plenty of calories burned

If the main goal you have while exercising is to lose weight, the number of calories burned during that workout is an important consideration. Boxers, on average burn somewhere 445-500 calories in a 60 minutes’ workout session. Of course, the number of calories burned during a session depends from athlete to athlete and the specific tasks involved in the workout. But if you consider the amazing amount of calories on average, this tops other workout forms by far. Comparing how many calories you burn during boxing and weightlifting, or jogging, the difference is obvious in boxing’s advantage.

It is a great resistance workout

While competitive boxing does not include plenty of resistance workout, a great emphasis falls on this amazing workout form if we consider the training sessions. There is a combination of various exercises such as weight training, bag drills and cardio exercises that are able to increase the athlete’s resistance, stamina and pulmonary capacity. Although boxing puts a great accent on working the upper body, all muscle groups receive a throughout workout.

It is a great cardiovascular workout

Boxers win their matches by running, not only by staying in the gym. And although professional boxers do run a lot, specialized boxe Firenze classes include in the session a couple of great cardio exercises that will increase the pulmonary capacity and strengthen the heart muscles. Visible results will be seen only if all the muscles groups are worked out in parallel with a serious cardio workout.

A high impact exercise

Although boxing is so efficient for weight loss purposes, if you are not in great physical form, you might want to see what other low-impact classes can you find at professional gyms such as Playoff Firenze. Start with easier workout forms and then switch to something high impact such as boxing. Being a self-defense sport, you must have a great physical form in order to enroll in such courses. If you have recent injuries or have athletic deficiencies, try spinning and weightlifting, and then step up your game to boxing.

Bottom line is, boxing is indeed a great form of workout, able to solicit the entire body. It has great effects in terms of weight loss, but if you know that you lack proper physical form, you might want to try something less soliciting and then upgrade to this workout form. Make sure you only enroll in authorized classes, at authorized gyms.