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Before making the decision to become an emergency medical technician, you need to be aware of all the requirements and duties that follow the job description. Becoming an EMT is not an easy job and, in order to see if it is suited for you, you need to be informed about all EMT education requirements and responsibilities.
An EMT is the first responder that is dispatched to an emergency, which means they need to be able to provide medical support for people who are injured or transport them to the nearest medical facility, if their condition requires it. The emergency scene can be anything from a fire to a car accident, a person giving birth or the scene of a robbery. Once they arrive at the scene, the EMT makes the decision to call in for additional assistance or if their presence is enough to assess the situation.
When it comes to skills, EMT requirements specify that any person who wants to become an EMT needs to finish an approved training program. During the training, they will learn how to give BLS (Basic Life Support) treatments, which involve: CPR, bandaging wounds, stabilizing injuries, providing oxygen, performing childbirth procedures and administer certain types of medication. These are all procedures that are meant to stabilize the patient until they arrive at the medical facility.
When a person calls the EMS, most of the time the first dispatched to take care of the medical emergencies are EMTs. The most common calls involve heart attacks, diabetes complications, allergic reactions, labor and hypothermia. In the case of incidents with mass casualties, EMTs are often required to train with police, in order to treat patients in dangerous environments.
EMT courses take about 5 months to complete, which is the equivalent of a semester in school. Classes are usually taught by other paramedics, EMTs or firefighters, highly skilled and trained to teach future emergency technicians how to perform their jobs.
Can anybody become an EMT if they finish the courses? The simple answer is yes, but the job of an emergency medical technician is not an easy one and it does require some special personality traits in order to maintain their calm in such difficult situations. The most important aspect is to keep a clear mind and don’t panic easily, when faced with a desperate or stressful situation, in order to properly do their jobs. Being able to take control of a delicate situation is also extremely important, but you have to make sure not to come off as too aggressive with a patent that might be scared or confused.
While enrolling in an EMT training course does not guarantee a job placement, some programs, such as Emergency Care Programs, do assist their students in finding jobs afterwards. While you do not need a high school diploma to enroll in the training course, it may affect your hiring options afterwards. Most of the classes have flexible schedules, which means you can finish the courses while also maintaining a job or going to school.