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Video transcription services may be one of two flavors. Straightforward audio transcription that means the audio heard is transcribed into the same language as the original, and language transcription, which means that the audio heard, is transcribed, and then translated into another language for a target audience that may be in another country. Both of these types of video transcription help you or your business communicate your thoughts and ideas to more people. The reality of our world is: not everyone speaks the same language, and not everyone can hear spoken word. In order for your documentary, informational video, movie, or TV show to reach the widest audience possible, your words should be transcribed and/or translated for others to read. Depending on your specific needs, you might need only document translation services, or other type of transcription services.

You may not need any translation when it comes to your video files. Instead, the video transcription services you require might involve simply transforming audio into written word. One type of industry that requires these kinds of services is the entertainment industry. Closed captioning that one can turn on for most TV programs and movies takes advantage of video subtitling services. These captions help those that are audio impaired enjoy programs. Barriers to the basic human ability to enjoy entertainment are toppled because of these services. If you are conducting in-depth field research or focus groups, you will benefit from interview transcription services. It’s smart to have audio or video files of your interviews. It’s even smarter to transcribe the audio into a written document for easier referencing and analyses! You’ll be able to communicate what you’ve learned through your interviews or focus groups in a much more efficient way and with a wider audience if you have written records as well.

Language transcription services can accompany any of the already mentioned services above. Transcription Planet has provided video transcription services that include language translation to health, wildlife, and development organizations. These organizations’ goals span several countries and cultures, and it is such an advantage for them to be able to have their documentaries and research reach a global audience. Here are two examples of projects, which require video services with language translations.

  1. Anti-poaching Interviews: A team of environmentalists was doing research on a specific aspect of wildlife care in Kenya and Tanzania. They conducted many interviews with officials, wardens, and local community members. An interpreter facilitated many of these interviews, but they also kept an audio recorded version of all interviews. For their own personal records, as well as for documentaries or films they plan to make about their research, they need video transcription services as well as our video subtitling services.
  2. Non-profit Health Organization Educational Materials: Often, do-good companies need help in translating their videos and informational clips about their organization into the language most common in the communities they serve. By enlisting our services, they were able communicate to more effectively with the people they are trying to support and have a positive impact on.