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Not being able to properly process sugar can put your life in danger. The disease is known as Type 2 diabetes and its characteristic is insulin resistance. This means that your pancreas produces insulin, but you cannot process the glucose into energy. Therefore, your body produces more insulin to be able to keep up. In the end, the sugar will accumulate in your blood and the combination of these two factors is what will give you type 2 diabetes. However, you can certainly reverse diabetes with a proper diet, exercises and lifestyle, overall.

Although it is claimed to be an irreversible chronic disease, you should be aware that there is a type 2 diabetes treatment. Proof is there are patients diagnosed with this affection that after a program of intensive exercises and a healthy diet have improved their blood tests. After a prolonged interval of healthy eating, no sign of diabetes has shown in their blood stream. Therefore, with some personalized guidance, there is hope for every patient. Oftentimes, type2 diabetes is encountered in overweight people. If there is a chance to develop it due to an unhealthy lifestyle, by going back to a Mediterranean diet and many exercises in order to restore your weight to a normal one, you will also be able to restore your blood sugar levels to normal. Fact is no medication alone will be able to solve all your problems. A diet based of unprocessed foods will help you lose weight in a healthy way. No pills can provide what ingredients that you put in your body can. A diet based on fish, seeds, raw fruits, vegetables and fiber can lower the levels of cholesterol and increase your chances of losing weight.

An important rule when suffering from type2 diabetes is to cut sugar from the diet. It is dangerous to feed your body on something it cannot properly process, not to mention the fact that processed sugars will prevent you from losing weight in order to accomplish your reverse diabetes process. However, you should be aware about the fact that not only your sweets contain sugar. Everything processed does. From canned food to your bread, they are all likely to convert to a high level of sugar as one of their main ingredients. After you choose with an expert a personalized diet according to your needs, next you should start to burn off the sugar you deposit not only in your blood stream, but also in your entire body.  The two most effective ways of doing so is one fasting and two, exercising. Combining a proper diet with those two will assure you accomplish the purpose of becoming diabetes free in time and with no harmful medication.

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