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Travelling is definitely an enjoyable activity, especially when you choose a special destination. Although few people know, Sri Lanka, the tiny island in the south of the Indian Ocean, is one of the most popular places chose by those who are looking for a cultural foray and a peaceful holiday, surrounded by natural unattained landscapes. The entire island is sprinkled with rich rain forests and diverse wild life, while being bordered by enchanting beaches. In addition to this, its ancient Buddhist culture can be noticed wherever you look, transforming the entire space into a mystical and unique destination for your holidays. This incredible place is the ideal combination between modern and old, offering you the possibility to get a glimpse of both worlds. If you decide to visit Sri Lanka, make sure you book your accommodation in advance. To this end, you should use the services of a professional company, such as Marley’s Beach House. This way, you can enjoy your stay and focus on spending the time of your life in this amazing holiday destinations.

Taking into consideration that there are so many things to see and do here, remember to design your itinerary right after you buy your flight tickets and rent a Sri Lanka beach house. Whether you are interested in religion or not, do not miss the ruins of the Anuradhapura city under any circumstances. This place is one of South Africa’s most impressive tourist attractions and consists in multiple archaeological and architectural buildings. There are huge dagobas, majestic towers, crumbling temples and ancient pools, built thousands of years ago. Nowadays, many of these constructions are considered sacred places and temples where various ceremonies take place. The ruins are open to the wide public, offering a comforting oasis away from the hassle of the urban landscape. Another experience you must try if you reach Sri Lanka is visiting the Walawe National Park, especially if you are passionate about nature and wild life. Gere, you will have the opportunity to get a closer look on herds of elephants, deer, wild buffalos and leopards, since the park has been designed to resemble to the savannah reserves of Africa. Looking for a more dramatic sight? Then the iconic rock of Sigiriya is definitely something that will take your break away. Emerging from the central plains, the rock has near vertical walls and a flat top, where the ruins of an ancient civilization can still be admired by locals and visitors.

All in all, Sri Lanka is the perfect travel destinations, given the fact that it consists in everything a tourist may want. From comfortable accommodation options, such as a Sri Lanka beach villa, to luxurious facilities and natural landscapes, here you will find them all. This island is filled with attractions that will take your breath away and will make you regret you have not decided to visit it sooner. Wait no more and plan your trip, because Sri Lanka is definitely a place worth seeing!