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The question is “Are you ready to change your old switch with a more sophisticated one?” well, in case you are, the first thing you have to do is to decide what type of switch you need, because there are different models available on the market, and you have to be sure that you invest in the right one. Well, specialists recommend choosing one of the Cisco 2900 Series Routers, because they are reviewed as reliable devices, with a long life expectancy. If you manage a small business, then you will not have to configure the switch, because providers make sure to design devices that only have to be plugged and used. However, in case you want to choose a complex switch, then you should be prepared to configure it, because they will definitely need more than just to plug them. Therefore, if you are ready to purchase a sophisticated switch, then you should try to find more details on how to configure the device, to make sure that you will not have any troubleshooting issues on the long run.

The first thing you have to do is to find the default VLAN of the switch. All the switches have the default VLAN, VLAN 1. If all the ports are there, then they can communicate. If you change the VLAM assignment to another one, then they will not be able to communicate with other devices from other ports. You may ask yourself why you should configure the interface VLAN 1. Well, you may want to be able to manage the Cisco switch remotely over the network, and in this case, it will require an IP address. But because the switch has multiple VLANs, and you want to manage it from each VLAN, then you will have to provide an IP address for the interface of every VLAN. It does not matter if you leave all the ports in default VLAN 1, if you want to manage the switch, then you will have to configure the IP address in the interface of the VLAN 1. If you do not have a Cisco IOS switch, and you want to try a SonicWALL TZ Series 210, then you should make sure that the device does not require a different type of configuration, because not all the switches can be configured as this model.

In case, you want to communicate with the Cisco switch from another subnet, then you should know that you have to configure a default gateway. In this way, the switch knows to get to the LAN switch. If you want to find more details on what this process implies, then you should get in touch with experts from a company as, because they have experience in this domain, and they will offer you valuable advice. A Cisco switch can do various things, it not only connects your PC to the network. For making use of all its features, you should extra configure it, to be able to use the ports optimally. If you have, any further questions you should ask the provider of the switch to offer you assistance.