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At first glance, furnishing and decorating the kitchen seems a child’s play compared to the living room or office. However, once you start working, you will see that this is not true at all. The kitchen is the place where you spend time preparing the meals and even receiving guests from time to time, which is why its décor needs to fulfil a lot of criteria. So just keep in mind that you will have to combine functionality, style, comfort and aesthetics, without sacrificing none of them. Fortunately, you have plenty of alternatives to choose from, both in terms of furniture and decorations. Just look for inspiration and use some simple

Choose high gloss

Believe it or not, nowadays high gloss is one of the most popular choices of furniture manufacturers. High gloss finish is used for flooring, cabinet facades, countertops, partition panels, tables and many others. The material can be purchased form dedicated suppliers such as Galaxy Panels and has plenty of benefits. The first one and probably the one that gets most people’s attention is related to aesthetics: a little shine can transform any interior into a classy and stylish space. In addition to this, the product comes in a wide variety of colours: you can get arctic white, red or black high gloss panels – any combination will work perfectly. Another great benefit of this finish is that even if it provides the shine and resistance of marble, it has zero porosity so it is easier to clean and maintain. Replace traditional materials with this one and you will see how a small twist on tradition will inject a lot of style in your kitchen design.

Go minimal

Of course, you may like the majesty of hard wood and marble, the versatility and joy small mosaic pieces and also the coolness of metallic shine. However, these choices are quite difficult to match with the design of the rest of the house, which is why you may have to give up intricate details in your kitchen. Going minimal is the safest alternative, because it enables you to keep it neat, while also playing with accessories and matching the décor with your other rooms. The minimal style seems like something complicated and futuristic, but it is not like that at all. As a matter of fact, it is actually an easy choice, because dedicated stores are full of this type of furniture. So choose some high gloss kitchen doors, simple cabinets and a neat countertop, and the results will be amazing.

Make room for storage

Whether you are passionate about cooking or not, you will be surprised to see how many pieces of equipment and tools you will gather with the passing of time. From barbecue forks to knives sets, trays to pots or mixers to blenders, all these have to be easy to reach. For this reason, it is very important to allocate some room to storage units, be it a spacious countertop or some closed cabinets fixed on the walls.