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As a warehouse manager you probably desire to use the space to its fullest storage capacity, and that implies choose adequate shelving units. One option you cannot go wrong with, which has become extremely popular for warehouse use, is a mobile shelving system. Mobile shelves are a great investment for storage spaces of this kind from several reasons. If you are currently looking for the best way to maximize the storage capacity of your warehouse, then perhaps this is the way to go.

The first thing that characterises mobile shelves is space saving. Because lack of space is usually something that many warehouses deal it, it is always beneficial to implement a more efficient solution. A mobile shelving unit will allow you to remove fixed aisles, which will lead to a space saving up to even 50 percent, giving you the chance to prioritize space constraints. Depending on your particular needs, you can purchase mobile shelves with a depth of up to 1,5 metres, 3 meters height and 15 metres long. Moreover, if you decide to install mezzanine floors as well, you can double the height system.

The next pro this storage solution has to offer is accessibility, which is something that can benefit the productivity of the warehouse considerably. Because you have the possibility of easily moving the shelves, in order to create the aisles as you desire, stock pickers can access with ease any object they require. This advantage can make a big difference in how well the business works, simplifying the job of your employees and improving productivity.

Besides the two benefits mentioned above, mobile shelves have various other things to offer as well. The units can be customised according to your desires, so you can opt for attractive finishes, and great design combinations, which will give a touch of colour to the overall space. Moreover, you have the possibility of installing a track system, if you wish to benefit from easy manoeuvrability. Besides being easy to move around, which is certainly the first aspect that makes this storage solution so popular, this racking alternative can also be installed quickly, in even less than a day, so if you decide to make a change in your warehouse, the work productivity will not be affected.

Because the advantages that mobile shelving units have to offer are various, you should consider adding them to your warehouse, and thus maximise the storage capacity of the space, while benefiting from increased flexibility and functionality. However, in order for your investment to be worth every penny, you need to make sure the units you purchase are only of top quality, and to ensure yourself of this aspect, you should make your purchases from a supplier with a good reputation and great customer service, one example being Rapid Racking. A reliable shelving supplier can guarantee product quality, and can also offer you additional services, such as installation. If you do opt for this type of storage system, you will see for yourself that it was the best decision to make.