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When companies start out, they generally work from small offices, or they have small warehouses. Running a retail outlet, a workshop or a warehouse requires adequate storage space and of course space for inventory. However, most start-up companies are not in the position of moving to bigger premises, or pay more rent. They have to remain at the premises they are currently occupying and try to avoid the cost of going through a move. Since these businesses are renting the properties from an owner, they cannot build extensions on the property that they occupy. This is where mezzanine floors become of high value. In tight workspaces, mezzanine storage systems can increase the capacity and productivity of any facility.

A mezzanine floor system is a raised platform that is installed between the floor and the ceiling. The raised platform is independent of the building structure and is supported by columns. In most cases, the raised platform has a low ceiling, and projects in the form of a balcony. The steel structures of industrial flooring are free-standing and they can be dismantled and moved with great ease. Industrial entresols are manufactured from steel, whether carbon or stainless. The mezzanine floor will vary according to the specific application, but it is commonly made with steel, wood product finished floor or b-decking underlayment.

Mezzanine floors are so versatile that you can use them for any kind of extra space that you might need. There are different solutions depending on the requirement, but the main applications are for retail, storage and production, and office. In an office environment, for instance, where the space is limited, you have the opportunity of uncluttering the area, which will ultimately lead to better organisation and creating an efficient workspace. There are different solutions depending on the requirement, but the main applications are for retail, storage and production, and office.

If you have a business with a production line, or if you have to deal with a lot of shipping and receiving, storage space is of the essence. Mezzanine floors utilise the overhead space in the existing premises with the minimum of disruption and generally without the need for planning permission. They are an effective way to increase storage and/or workspace. Once the flooring is installed, the space beneath it becomes accessible and can be used for storage or other purposes. By simply adding a raised platform above, you can double the surface area and allow for another level, or storage space, or display purposes.

Another benefit that naturally comes with installing mezzanine flooring is the fact that you are able to remain in your current location. Space constraints are what drive many businesses to relocate to a bigger building or ad to the current option. With the aid of a trustworthy professional like Rapid Racking, you can have a mezzanine designed and customized for your needs and forget about the other options. The cost of the system is relatively small compared to moving your entire business or having to build on your existing facility.