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Maybe on more than one occasion you found yourself with your car broken, in the middle of nowhere, with no hope. And you gave a friend of you a call to come after you. But this was not easy either. You had to explain where you are more exactly, and this is not always simple. But nowadays, with the advanced technology we have, there appeared some intelligent apps that can save you from unpleasant situations. Some apps are a lifesaver in similar situations, because they can identify your exact location, and depending on your emergency, they will send appropriate help. These services are “tow truck near me” type of services and many find in them the help they need in the most unpleasant situations. Below are some other services provided by these apps and platforms and how they can help someone like you.

Tire change services, anytime, anywhere

A flat tire is a common occurrence in every driver’s life, but they have a habit of happening at the worst times. When you are in the middle of nowhere, or at night, or when you completely lack a spare tire. But these platforms are well aware of the most common emergencies a driver might have and they are always prepared. Simply use the app and select your emergency, make the payment suing the same app and you will receive the needed help as soon as possible. And this usually means in a half an hour, depending on your location.

Locked your car keys inside your door? No problem!

Car lockout. Such a classic, yet annoying issue many drivers face. However, if you ever face this issue, you might want to know that the same apps that could help you with a tire change are perfect if you need to get your keys out of your car. Just like in the case of tire change services, a specialised team will come at your exact location in no time and will save you from the dread of having locked your cars inside your vehicle. This way, you’ll be able to continue your journey undisturbed and remain on the pre-established schedule.

Moving across the country? These apps will also help you

These apps are the perfect tool if you need efficient car shipping services. You will be able to coordinate your car’s delivery through the app as well as maintain contact with the transporter. These teams usually have a generous fleet of trucks that will respond in an efficient and timely fashion, taking into account their client’s requirements. Just as in the previous cases, your exact location will be identified precisely, and a team will come to it. You will also be paying by using the app, making the entire process easy and pleasant.

A highly reliable platform that provides such services is Jrop. It has a wide network of collaborators, being able to answer in various emergencies. We recommend using such platforms and apps, because they are reliable and offer fast services.