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In order to feel that your style has come to very fashionable form, you first have to experiment with clothing a lot. What many find highly flattering are striped blouses. Or even tees. Exactly, like those worn by Pugsley Addams! While there is no recipe for success, there are a couple of combinations that work wonders on every body type. Also, they are versatile and many find pleasurable to style such pieces. Of course, you must first find pieces of decent quality in order to make them look great, and we found some amazing pieces in this store selling Sandwich clothes online. Below are some pieces of advice on how to wear such blouses in a fashionable way.

Wear la Marinière regardless of the season

  • In spring, wear that black and white stripy blouse with a pair of navy trousers, some red ballet pumps (yes, that Bardot outfit we all love) and maybe a trench with a classic cut. Accessorise a little and get of your comfort zone with a black headscarf. Keep it ’60, if you feel daring enough. A deep red lipstick and a stroke of eyeliner will work wonders in terms of makeup, and if the March showers scare you a little, bring a little joy in your life by preparing yourself with a rainbow umbrella.
  • In summer, a pair of camel cargo shorts and some brown leather sandals would go perfectly with your Marinière. A pair of large sunglasses is quite fit, if we may add, since all true fashionistas seem to enjoy them greatly. A light makeup is advisable, since the humid environment might make your eyeliner to smudge, and a lady is always prepared for the worst.
  • If you still can’t get over your stripy blouse in the autumn, bring back the classic trench from the spring, but change the trousers with a pair of dark jeans. Mamma jeans would work too, but make sure they are light blue, in this case. The mamma jeans can be worn with a pair of white sneakers, just for fashion’s sake, since we know that rain and white shoes is quite an impractical combo. If you go for the pair of tight, dark jeans, pair them with some boots, leather ones.
  • In the winter, search that Sandwich clothing sale and see what amazing pieces they might have, throw over them a chunky knit cardigan in a dark grey colour, make sure you wear impermeable boots and a pair of jeans. If the temperatures go too low, a parka will look great in terms of outwear. And don’t forget about a mustard yellow chunky knitted scarf. Textures are all in the winter!

Of course, no matter your preferences, there are many combos that work great with striped shirts. Only make sure you pick the retailer right (spoiler alert: Berlin Clothing is a great one) in order to have high quality pieces. Try them with bell or A-line skirts, with heels or pumps, but remember that no matter what you choose, you should feel comfortable while wearing it. You should feel like yourself, but bolder!