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Your water pump is one of the most amazing house additions, and if you properly care it, it will provide excellent services for many years. Most of the water pumps can be used for many years without repairs, but you have to realize when they require maintenance. You may not have knowledge on how to detect problems, but this guide will alert you that your water pump needs repairs or even replacement.
You are using a water system that includes a pressure tank and a water pump. The pump will draw the water from a well located close to your property, and the pressure tank will store it and regulate the pressure you are getting in the interior installation. If the system requires pump repair services, you will probably notice fluctuations in the water pressure, strange noises, high electricity bills, spitting faucets, and rapid clicking sounds. Sometimes, the pressure tank is the one experiencing problems and not the pump, so you should ask a professional to come and check it.
When you hear the clicking sound, the pressure tank may be the cause because it contains a bladder full of air that can lose or leak. The repetitive clicking sound you have started to hear is the first sign this problem is happening. When the bladder leaks or loses air, the pressure tank stops and starts regularly, and it can put a strain on the motor. It’s important to fix the pressure tank as soon as possible because it can reduce the life of the pump and motor and it can require motor repair.
If you notice that when you turn the bath or kitchen faucets they blast out a mixture of water and ait, it can be a sign that the pump is not properly working. Edison Parker recommends hiring a professional to check the situation because it can indicate that the water table dropped to a point below the well pump and it may draw air during the process.
Low water pressure can be the result of multiple factors, but one of them is a damaged water pump. Some other causes are a failing or leaking pressure tank, a bad valve or bad gate, or a failing well pump. There are times when bacteria clog up the pipe and disrupt the sense of the pressure switch. You should have a water test to check the bacteria levels in the water, it can help you determine if the pump is clogged with bacteria or not. You can prevent this situation if you clean the water system with a solution specially designed for this purpose.
If you see that air is dissolved in the water or water quality has changed, you should ask an expert to come and check it. All the above problems are often accompanied by another one, high electric bills are a common sign that the water pump is not properly functioning. If your electricity bills have started to grow month over month, without reason, you should have the water system inspected.