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Not all pallet racks found on the market are a great option for some businesses. Because when it comes to storage requirements, the pallet systems you use play the most important, you should pay attention to a few details, when you are making a purchase. Just by searching online for racking UK, you will find various suppliers and a wide range of offers, but how can you decide on the right system? When selecting a storage solution for your business, consider the following aspects.


The first and most important detail to think about is your budget. If you try to save money on a racking of inferior quality, you will end up regretting your decision. The wrong storage solution will not only affect your inventory but it may also endanger your employees, which is something that you certainly want to avoid at all costs. Investing a larger amount of money in a more qualitative storage system will be worth it in the long run. It is recommended to allocate your maximum budget to the purchase of a proper rack system, and with so many pallet racking suppliers, it is impossible not to come across a great deal.

Pallet Size

As you are probably already aware, pallets come in different shapes and sizes, and some types of inventory might requires racks that are not universally sized. Therefore, you should resort to the services of a manufacturer that can offer you customizable pallets, to avoid any sort of inconveniences. Think about this particular detail carefully, and do not rush into making a purchase without considering all the important aspects.

Height limit

One thing you should be particular careful about is the height of your ceiling. It is more than necessary to measure the space properly, to avoid purchasing a storage system of improper dimensions. If your warehouse has high ceilings, you can use this aspect to your advantage, by stacking your inventory higher, and freeing up more floor space. However, you should consider if your employees will have a forklift at their disposal at all times, for maximum efficiency at the workplace.

Type of products stored

The type of inventory you will be storing should also play a role in your decision. The pallets you use and the way you stack your pallets can lead to a potential stock loss, especially if your products have an expiration date. Depending on your inventory, you should select a suitable storage system, and consider the first in – first out stocking method.

As you can see, you should pay attention to a few details, when you are choosing a pallet racking system. Because the quality and sturdiness of the storage system you use is highly important, you should look for a reputable supplier that can ensure you of product quality. Look online for a reliable manufacturer, such as Rapid Racking, that can provide you with the purchase opportunities you require. With the right pallet storage system at your disposal, maximizing space efficiency and increasing work productivity is guaranteed.