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No matter what type of business you are running, there is an important element you have to keep in mind: security. Most of the times, small businesses do not offer this matter enough attention, since they consider they are not an attractive target. However, this type of mind set can become quite dangerous and has to be avoided. This means that regardless your field of activity or the amplitude of your business, you always need to take some extra measures to secure your data. Intruders, thieves and even terrorists may exploit any vulnerability and threaten your company, which is why maintaining a high level of security should become your priority. You can do this through physical protocols, but most importantly, through computer protocols. Although these may mean certain restrictions for your employees, they are highly necessary. Depending on what you are trying to prevent, there are plenty of security measures and training you can include in your business’ day to day activity.

Nowadays, most companies are focusing on C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) training. There are many training programs delivered by specialised firms, such as Zirish Consulting, aiming to lower consultant fees and provide a low-cost workforce, available at any time. The initiative has been launched in November 2001 by the US government and it seems that it has become a relevant feature for most companies nowadays. Currently, thousands of companies have joined the program in order to strengthen their relationships and improve overall international supply chain and security. What is probably even more important than that is that specialised C-TPAT training provides businesses to have a well-informed and aware staff with respect to supply chain security. Besides the training, the program primarily involves assessing the supply chain security standards of your international business partners and also running internal assessments to ensure tight security controls. Assessments are generally done through C-TPAT surveys, which are usually web based. This way, the information is gathered using generic templates, customised for each client, and the focus is on analysis rather than data collection. In case you want to get a C-TPAT certification for your company, you must know that you need to go through a documented process, which assesses and alleviates all the risk your firm may represent for the international supply chain. This means companies can be classified as low risk entities, so they can go on with their trading activities and have fewer customs examinations.

Another relevant thing you could implement in order to foster the security of your company is compliance management. The process ensures that people are following and acting in accordance with certain given rules. These are most of the times related to a compliance standard or benchmark of a company. Compliance management can come in many forms: procedures, policies, internal audits, security controls or rule enforcement. For this reason, you may need a specialised company to help you deal with it and assist you in maintaining a high level of efficiency in terms of operations and strategic initiatives.