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Building an IT network from the ground is difficult, especially for startup businesses. And most of us know that if buying a car is a difficult experience, something similar goes with networking equipment as well. Most of us don’t know specifically what they are looking for, and even worse, they don’t know what is better. Also, then it comes to the price tag, things become a little discouraging. But, just like in a car’s case, sometimes used is better. Used comes at lower prices, and oftentimes it offers a similar experience like a new piece of equipment would. However, it is necessary to start thinking about what features you want your network equipment to have, before starting to order. But we have an advice: go for refurbished network equipment. It is great. The Cisco one comes with great benefits, like this Cisco AIR-CAP3602I-A-K9 3600 Controller access point. But let’s see what makes refurbished Cisco network equipment so great.

  • It’s all about the money

Buying refurbished networking pieces helps many save important amounts of money. This comes as a great benefit, especially for startups, since the investors are oftentimes reluctant to support the company. Cisco network pieces are particularly expensive to buy, if they are new. But many companies have reputable teams of engineers that are specialized in bringing used equipment in perfect form. Fact is pre-owned equipment refurbished by professional lacks the differences from the new products. This makes it a great investment, the value-for-money ratio being extraordinary.

  • Fast shipping options

Ordering directly from the big manufacturers, such as Cisco, always comes with a big waiting period for the products to reach the customer. However, by ordering from professional refurbishing companies, clients benefit from overnight shipping options, the delivery is fast and provided by reliable companies, so all the pieces of equipment reach the customers in perfect form. This means that if you order the necessaries to build your network on Friday, your employees will have a brand new network by Monday. Is it necessary to point out how amazing this is?

  • All products come with a generous warranty period

But only if you work with the best in the field. Take this Cisco WS-C3560G-48PS-S Catalyst 3560G Gigabit POE Switch, for example. It comes with a 365 days warranty certificate and if some issue occurs with it, the company will reimburse your money or will send another replacement. These products come with such a big warranty interval because the company that repairs them retails them as well, and chances are they do trust their work.

  • All the products are tested

If you plan to buy Cisco network equipment from a specialized company like The NetworkTigers is, you can be certain that a team of skilled engineers tests all the products before reaching the customers. This assures the quality of the products and the company’s status on the local market. Companies this big cannot afford retailing faulty products.

These are some of the reasons why Cisco refurbished network equipment is worth the investment. Make sure you find the perfect retailer and the quality is guaranteed.