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So you’ve finally decided that it’s time for your kid to experience their first camp program. The activities carried out at camps can be highly useful in childhood development. You’re also given the possibility to ensure your little one of a summer vacation that is actually productive. After you have managed comparing various Queens day camps available, and have chosen an option that you think would suit your kids’ interest, and your own requirements as well, you’ll need to prepare your child for this experience. What are the most important preparation tips?
Talk about the schedule with your kid. You will likely be provided by camp staff members with the activity itinerary. Because in some cases, children might experience anxiety, not knowing what to expect from this new experience in their life, you should talk to them about the things they will do there. Going over the schedule together will increase their interest. Although you should let a few things be a surprise, it’s important to discuss some camp activities.
Go shopping. The majority of camps usually provide parents with a list of items the kid needs to bring. Even if you’ve chosen day camps in Queens and not ones that involve overnight stay, you’ll still be requested to purchase a few essentials. Although it may be easier for you to go shopping on your own, you are recommended to take your kid with you. Bringing them along and allowing them to participate in choosing certain items will get them more excited to actually embark on this new adventure.
Visit the doctor. Because the majority of camp activities are held outdoors, you should be sure the health of your kid is in top-notch condition. A doctor’s appointment before camp is thus recommended here. Knowing your child is up for the activities they will engage in at camp will give you peace of mind.
Advise them on how to interact with other children. It’s important to go over some ground rules before leaving your child at camp. You probably want to avoid dealing with unpleasant situations, so you should make sure your child behaves, and actually interacts well with the other children. Help your kid get the confidence necessary to approach and talk to other kids, state how important it is for them to be friendly and nice to others.
These are the things that you should focus on first, when you are getting your kid ready for camp. A camp program can be quite an exciting experience for a child – they’ll get the opportunity to learn new skills, build friendships with other children, and get a glimpse of independence. To actually make the most of camp, and allow your kid to enjoy the program carried out there to the fullest, you should handle preparation with care. Some facilities, such as Mill Basin Day Camp, might also provide you with some guidance on the topic, so don’t hesitate to ask the staff questions if you have any.