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As a man, you may find shopping for clothes something really challenging. It is true that there are plenty of options for you to select from, but since you need to match your garments to so many events and occasions, purchasing the most suitable yet versatile ones is quite tough. Fortunately, in the past years men’s fashion has started to get as much attention and women’s, which is why you can always use a comprehensive guide that can help you shop more efficient. Whether you choose to go to the mall or visit an online store such as LVRG by Capitalist, you have to follow some clear guidelines. This article aims to show you which are the basic elements any man should include in their wardrobe, regardless their personal style, the season or the budget they have available.

Light colored sneakers

Whether it is white, grey, blue or tan, almost anyone owns a pair of light sport shoes. This means that in case you have been having second thoughts about purchasing some, now it is the right time to do it. The sneakers are extremely versatile and easy to match to almost any attire, especially to casual ones. For this reason, it would be great investment to buy a simple pair of solid colored low top shoes, because this will get you out of a lot of trouble: they are ideal for a casual, effortless look. In addition to this, a relaxed spring or summer outfit is completed perfectly by some light sneakers.

Kaki or chino pants

Any man must own a pair of light colored pants, and kaki or chinos are the perfect option. These have the same fit requirements as jeans, except that their stylish design and color enables you to wear them in different occasions. Of course, the light shade makes them suitable for casual affairs, but if you are skillful enough, you can even combine them with more elegant garments and wear them on a garden party, an outdoor wedding, a lunch meeting or cocktail, for example. You can look these up on Huf clothes, because there are plenty of alternatives in terms of shades, fabrics and designs. Pick something with a polished finish and you will never have to worry about being underdressed.

Classic denim jacket

This will probably not come as a surprise, since denim is the one material that has always been considered timeless and chic. Season after season, it is always present both on the runway and on the streets, transforming any attire into a stylish one. Check 10 deep clothes collection and pick the most fashionable items. This fabric can be worn in almost any combination, which is why it must be your wardrobe’s main pillar. A classic denim jacket will never go out of style and can handle multiple situations. So in case you want to achieve more with less, then his piece of clothing should definitely be your next purchase.