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There are a few reasons why old shelves might be changed in a warehouse, but in the majority of cases, managers or owners want to be sure that they provide a safe environment for the employees to work, and a place where everything is well-organised and accessible. The latest industrial shelves allow warehouse managers to save time both when storing and taking products out for delivery. Industrial shelving is the term generally used for the racks placed in a storage space, but if you take a closer look, you will notice that there are different types on the market, and every one of them has a different use. When used properly industrial shelving increases the storage area in a warehouse, and assures employees that they will be working in a safe environment. Because different warehouses require different types of shelves, you will find on the market racks available in different configurations.

Long span shelves are one of the most flexible types of shelves, because they are designed to be adapted to the different weights of the goods, height of the warehouse and so on. The installation of the long span systems is quick and easy, and usually the providing company handles this process. Some of the long span systems are made from steel, and they are suitable for holding heavy or bulky items. The shelf height is adjustable and they have a long life expectancy. The cantilever racking for sale is a system, which is suitable for being used in warehouses that store long items, because it provides access to the goods in no time, and it increases floor space. A different type of shelving is the rivet one, which features a frame made from solid steel. It is perfect for being placed in a space where a versatile and strong system is required, because it can be made from different materials. Usually manufacturers produce them from wire decking, steel or plywood. Depending on the size of the warehouse, this system might come in a variety of sizes too, and it is listed at affordable prices on online stores.

The steel shelves are exactly what they sound, shelves made from steel, which in the majority of situations look like metal bookshelves. Depending on the user’s needs, the company could make them with backs, or they might not feature any at all, for being accessible from the both sides. When looking for them on the online store of a company like Rapid Racking, people might notice that they could be accessorised with drawers, bins or dividers, and this makes them one of the most customisable and flexible shelving systems. For those who are looking for an industrial shelving system similar to the steel model, but which is lighter in weight, wire shelving is a suitable option and it could be placed on wheels for being moved around. When using this type of shelving system, the goods stored on it do not have to be heavy, and the items should be bigger in size, because they might fall through the gaps if they are small.