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Even though the first visit to a cardiologist can be very intimidating for many people, they should treat it just like any other medical experience in their life. In fact, if you feel nervous, it is best to think that your New York cardiologist will be able to determine if you have any potential health problems and offer you the best possible solution and treat any preliminary symptoms that you may experience. Whatever you do, you should not postpone the visit to the cardiologist if you feel like you might have some problems in that department, because the medical specialist will make sure you have a long and healthy life, by prescribing you the most suitable treatment.


Usually, the first consult takes about an hour. During the first consult, most likely you will be seen by the physician’s assistant first, who will ask about your medical history and other relevant facts that may help the doctor understand your problem better. You will be asked about the reason you made an appointment with a New York City cardiologist in the first place, because the symptoms you describe will be very useful in establishing a correct diagnosis. Once you meet with your doctor, he will perform a thorough physical exam and if need be appoint you for additional examination that he or she may not be able to perform right away. In addition, your cardiologist may refer you to a cardiovascular surgeon if need be or to a different physician if they consider your problem is not cardiac.


Furthermore, for your first visit you should always bring any medical documents that you may have from other doctors, because it will help your cardiologist put a correct diagnosis. Always tell the doctor about any medication you may have taken, as this could have an influence over your condition as well and the problem could be from there. Another very important aspect you should prepare when you first visit a cardiologist is information about your family history. You will always be asked about your family history and it is very important to be able to offer this information to your doctor. Keep in mind that in order for your doctor to offer you the best possible them in return all the information they require. Whether it is your family history, previous treatments or any symptoms that you may experience, no matter how embarrassing they might be.


To conclude, this is what you should expect from the first visit to a cardiologist. Professional clinics such as HeartCare PC offer their patients all the information they need regarding how to prepare for their first consult, but it never hurts to be fully informed. Even though it is understandable why you might feel somewhat nervous, you should rest assured that your physician has your best interest at heart and will make sure you receive the best possible care. You should ask any questions or concerns you may have, as a good doctor will always answer you patiently.