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You have an impressive jewellery collection. Your collection comprises many fashion pieces, mainly earrings and bracelets. Yet, you do not have that many necklaces even though you care for them. How can you not care about chain and pendants when they are the ideal finishing touch to any outfit? Finding fashion jewellery is not as hard as choosing the right pieces for you. No matter if you are treating yourself or shopping for a special occasion, you have to be careful. A necklace can make or break your look. If you do not know how to pick a necklace that works with your wardrobe and flatters you, do not worry. Use the following tips.

Take into consideration your neck

The length of the necklace can impact your overall appearance, framing your face beautifully or not. When picking out jewellery length, you need to consider the appearance of your neck. What you need to do basically is measure the outline of your neck. If you have a long, thin neck, you should think about purchasing a short chain. 10 to 14 inches necklaces are very close around the neck, regardless of your size. If you do not want a collar necklace, then you should consider buying a 16-inch piece of jewellery, namely a chocker. Maybe you want an average necklace for your wide neck, like a pendant.  In this case, you should consider investing in an 18-inch necklace. This option is the most popular one for adding pendants. If you are shopping online, make sure to read product descriptions.

Choose a necklace that enhances your face shape

Whether you are in the market for fashion jewellery or costume jewellery, it is important to choose a piece that enhances your attractive features. Simply put, you need to pick a necklace that enhances your face shape.

Oval-shaped face – the oval face is the perfect face shape. If you have an oval face, you can wear pretty much anything Examples of jewellery pieces that flatter your look are long necklaces, pendants, and short chains.

Heart-shaped face – if you have a narrow jawline and a small, pointed chin, you can get away with large pieces of jewellery. Narrow chains work too.

Pear-shaped face – opera-length necklaces enhance the features of pear-shaped faces. What these accessories do is make the face look less oblong.

Square-shaped face – when it comes that are complimentary to square-shaped faces, you should avoid collar and chocker lengths. Instead, choose necklace with curved detailing. They will elongate your face.

Rectangle-shaped face –if you have an oblong face, buy short necklaces. Large beads also compliment the rectangle-shaped face.

Round-shaped face – look for jewellery designs that make your face appear more oval, like long chains and drop pendants.

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It is important to stress that you are the only one who can decide if a necklace works or does not work for you. So, always trust your instinct and do not listen to what your friends have to say.