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You might have a lot of friends, but you do not get into details with them about their religion and culture, until you do not have to attend the wedding of one of them, because there are very few situations, when these subjects are topics of a conversation between friends. The amazing thing is that people can get along regarding their different cultures and religions, and when they have to attend an event together, they find a way to respect each other’s views. In case one of your friends is having a wedding in the future and you see on the invitation card that it is going to be a Sikh weeding, you should find some details before attending it, because you have to be sure that you do not disrespect anyone with your actions. The first thing you should know is that the focus of the wedding would be the ceremony.

Therefore, it is important to understand the traditions and customs, because only in this way you will be able to have fun, without having to think why certain things happen. In case your friends have time, you might ask them what you should know, but in case they are too busy for giving you explanations, you should know the wedding ceremony will not last more than an hour, and during it the groom and bride will be asked to bow in the front of the Holy Scriptures. You should not be surprised to see that while they are staying there, their friends and relatives will sing hymns for them. This is one of the differences between a Sikh wedding and the other ones, the family and friends are asking for the God’s blessing during the Anand Karaj. You might have seen in the movies that the couples have to walk in circle a few times during the wedding ceremony, but you might not know the meaning of this action. They walk around four times, when the priest read a text, and at the end of every one of the circles, they bow, down in sign of acceptance of the couple marital obligations read by the priest.

In case you are wondering what happens during the wedding you should know that before the ceremony you would be a witness to the groom’s procession, which implies a portion of singing and dancing. The groom will probably arrive with the help of a luxurious car or on a horse. At a certain point, you will see that the family members are exchanging garlands and greet each other; this is the sign that the families accept each other and become one. Before entering the Gurdwara, the Sikh place of worship, you have to leave your shoes at the entrance. During the ceremony, when the Sikh Priest, is reading the Holy Scriptures you should cover your head with a scarf if you are a woman, and with a bandana if you are a man. In case you do not have your own, the family members will offer you one.