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It is commonly known that the olive wood that originates from Jerusalem is considered the symbol of Eternal Life. The olive tree is known to grow in the Holy Land and what makes it different from other trees is that it can live up to 2000 years. Many Christians claim that Jesus prayed in the Gethsemane Garden somewhere near an olive tree that is said to still exist nowadays. Another Christian story related to this type of tree has Noah as its main character, who is said to have sent out a dove from the ark in order to search for dry land and after some time the dove returned to the ark holding an olive branch in its beak.

In times of yore, the tree was proclaimed the Blessed Tree and people have started to use this type of wood in the manufacturing process of olive wood Orthodox cross. Numerous companies that manufacture wood crosses use olive wood from Jerusalem, because not only it is one of the best materials for making this type of items, but also because of its symbolic meaning, since it is directly related to Jesus and Christianity. Everyone who buys such crosses can rest assured that they have a holy object in their houses that will make them feel more at peace with themselves.

It is important to know that there are two possibilities when it comes to buying olive crosses wholesale and those are to buy finished or unfinished crosses.  If you need the crosses for a specific event and you cannot find on the market the right type of crosses you have in your mind, it is recommended to look for retailers that provide unfinished crosses. It is the best choice in this case, since you simply order the wood crosses that are designed in the specific shape, but without any decorations on them, so you can design them the way you want, using the colors that best match with the event you are planning. Even though buying unfinished crosses wholesale implies more dedication and hard work in designing them afterwards, it is for sure that in the end everyone will be amazed with the results.

If you have a business that deals with selling religious items, you would probably want to go for finished crosses. The reason why it is better to go for finished olive wood Jerusalem cross is quite simple: you do not have to struggle at all with painting them in a specific way or designing a certain pattern on them. You can buy them wholesale as well and sell them further to your customers.

It is worth mentioning that there are numerous retailers that provide both finished and unfinished crosses and one good example is Olive Wood Wholesale, so you should do some detailed research and look for the right provider. In order to benefit from high quality products, it is highly recommended to select a professional and reliable provider. Ask for people’s opinions or read the feedback that some previous customers have left in order to determine which one is the right to choose.