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Having a beautiful garden does not come without any strings attached. For this reason, if you enjoy spending time outside and doing landscaping projects, you have to be prepared. One of the most important things you need to do is purchase the tools and devices necessary for maintaining the area. Fortunately, nowadays the evolution of technology has led to the emergence of performing machines, such as automatic lawn mowers, extremely efficient and easy to use. There are several manufacturers creating these devices, which is why selecting the perfect one may be quite challenging. For starters, you should think about your needs and budget, as well as the purpose for which you are buying the mower. The offer is diverse, and these criteria will help you narrow your list of options. The best thing to do is visit pages such as Top Robot Mowers Today and read reviews of each model. For more general information, read on to find out the most relevant characteristics of performing lawn mowers.

The area they have to work on

When choosing the best lawn mower on the market, the first thing you need to think about is how much lawn area the device needs to cover. Normally, there is a great difference between machines that are designed for domestic use and those used for public places, much larger, such as parks or gardens. That is why you need to calculate the approximate size of the grass area in your yard (garden, driveway, walks, flower beds), because this may be relevant when you read the specifications of a mower.

The cut

Each mower has its own cut style, so depending on what you want to achieve, look carefully for this specification. The most performing machines provide a beautiful cut, which is why the criterion has to play an important role in your selection. The cut is directly linked to the type and dimensions of blade of the device, and it seems that each brand has its own system.


Whether you have already used a mower before or it is the first you own such a machine, safety should be your priority. There have been multiple household accidents involving this type of device. Although most of the times these are caused by the user’s negligence, your mower must have a design that eliminates the risk of accidents. Read robotic lawn mower reviews and find out about the measures manufacturers take to prevent these situations. Rocks, sticks, tools, balls, toys, and other objects are likely to get under the device, causing serious injuries. Fortunately, the most reliable and modern machines are highly sensitive and use bump sensors, aimed to detect objects nearby and somehow eliminate them from their path.


In order to perform, mowers have to be strong and powerful. This means they have to have a robust design, but also batteries that enable them to work many hours on a row. You also have the option of choosing a solar powered device, but these are less efficient than those using batteries.