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Egypt is probably one of the most fascinating countries in the world. With a history of thousands of years, the Egyptian culture manages to leave everyone mesmerized. The amazing pyramids, the Sahara Desert, the pharaohs or anything related to this culture are things that make this country so popular worldwide. This is also the reason why many people look for travel agencies that can offer them Egypt vacation packages suitable for every budget. However, there are certain things that people have to keep in mind when planning a trip to Egypt.

First, the most important aspect to take into consideration before actually going to Egypt is to have all proper documentation. This includes a valid passport that also has an Egyptian visa. For students, having a valid student ID card with them brings them many benefits, including discount in hotels or in various tourist attractions. It is recommended to have some contact information related to the nearest embassy of the home country written on a piece of paper, because this will prove to be quite useful in case of an unfortunate event or in case one gets into trouble. The medical history records should also be about the important papers to bring with in this vacation.

Besides the mentioned documentation, it is important to bring sunscreen too. Egypt is mostly a desert country and in order to avoid getting sunburnt, you need creams that have high SPF. What is more, having a bottle of water permanently with you is mandatory, because you need to hydrate. Make sure you also pack some hats, even though you do not usually wear them, because they will prove to be quite useful if planning to walk all day long on Egyptian streets.

It is important to remember that Egypt is a Muslim country and people who travel there for the first time should expect a culture shock. Everything there is different from the culture of Western countries. The religion is very important to Egyptians and they want their tourists to respect their religion the same way Muslims do. A travel agency in Egypt should explain everyone who wants to travel to this country the rules they have to oblige to while visiting Egypt. For instance, people are not allowed to kiss their partner or show any sign of affection in public or to wear clothes that reveal too much of their skin for instance. It is recommended for women to bring several scarves with them, because if they want to visit mosques, they might not be allowed to enter unless they have their head covered with a scarf.

There are numerous professional travel agencies that organize trips to Egypt and Deluxe Travel Egypt is only one good example. It is advisable to do some research online and look for the best agency that provides you with offers that suit your interests and budget. Reading some reviews related to some travel agencies or asking for other people’s opinions upon a specific agency might help you decide which one is the best to choose.