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Numerous owners of warehouses and storage areas confront most of the time with the same problem – space. They are always moving items around thinking that this way they can make more room to store even more items, but what they do is not efficient at all. The best solution in this case that all warehouse owners should take into account is to resort to a professional company that provides high quality cantilever racking systems.

While those traditional pallet rack systems can be inefficient in the case of storing steel or lumber, since these items are quite long and difficult to fit into the pallets, these cantilever racks are perfect for plumbing supplies warehouses, lumberyards or hardware stores for instance, since they are a lot easier to handle. These racks are suitable for storing a wide range of non-uniform products such as appliances, rugs, pipe, bar stock, sheet metal, heavy duty metals, building materials and many more. As a result, resorting to this type of racking system is a great advantage for companies that provide services in industries such as construction, where they need the best solution for their storage space in order to ensure that their materials are kept in good conditions.

Another important thing worth mentioning about these cantilever racks is that they are formed of four main components and those are bracing, arms, columns and bases. The base of a heavy duty cantilever racking system varies depending on the capacity of the rack and on the size of the arm. It is anchored to the floor and is the component that provides support to the column or upright tower. As far as arms are concerned, they come in different styles and forms, suitable for a large selection of applications, whereas the columns vary in height and capacity, depending on the application requests. Bracing can be either diagonal or horizontal and it provides steadiness to the rack. Taking into account the size and type of items you are about to store make sure that you select cantilever racks that come with the specific length and width to fit your needs.

One of the reasons why many warehouse owners consider this type of racking systems the best choice is that these racks are flexible and quite easy to install, not to mention that they provide easy access to each rack, thus making the process of loading and unloading a much easier and timesaving one.

Another great reason why these racks make such a great choice is that you can store numerous types of items that are quite difficult or even impossible to store due to their size or length. Those items will be stores a lot easier and convenient with the aid of these cantilever racks, so you should waste no more time and start looking for the best company in the industry that provides this type of racking and shelving systems and one good place to start is Rapid Racking.

Overall, these are some of the most important things that warehouse owners should know about cantilever racking systems.