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Attachment is a manifestation of our emotions. While many find it easy to express a wide spectrum of emotions while interacting with others, some find it difficult to externalize them through actions or interaction. This comes as a form of emotional disability: the disability of learning nonverbal communication. The theory of attachment has at its base Freud’s theories on emotional development, which state that, the child, in order to grow able to bond meaningful relationships, romantic or not, should be exposed to a warm and loving environment, even at a young age. But, enough with theory. Many think that online dating sites are perfect for developing meaningful relationships if you suffer from the disability of expressing your emotions. Why?

Online dating does not require physical human interaction…for a time

Although it might sound superficial, if someone has a hard time expressing their affection through physical interaction and acts of kindness, they might find easier to express themselves written, which is the key in online dating. The dynamic of bonding romantic relationships is also different in the online sphere. Based on a throughout selection, an automatized one, dedicated search engines (take the search tool in online dating sites as an example) reduces the number of potential life partners significantly. People are more prone to be attracted to people with similar interests and points of view on politics, life, and raising a child, for instance. The mighty Internet offers the opportunity to find those individuals easier than real life circumstances, which makes the relationships developed in these spheres more meaningful than real-life scenarios for many. Also, non-verbal disabled learners won’t be dismissed by potential partners in the incipient phases of the relationship based on their disability to express their affection. This comes as a great advantage for many.

Real life human interaction becomes easier after meeting someone online

Now that you found your potential life partner by using all the witty tools free dating sites provide for their community, chances are you will find real-life human interaction much easier that you would have if you started in a real life scenario. The thing is that, after a while, when you become more familiar with the person you constantly interact with in the online sphere, you will find it easier to express yourself more coherently. Emotions can be expressed not only by showing affection. Acts of kindness, verbally are other ways in which you can make your affection known, and your partner is more likely to understand this after a period in which you exclusively interacted by using written communication. They are more likely to accept your attachment style and go with it. Also, this is very likely to apply in your case as well. This is a two-way street, and you are a part of it.

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