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Nowadays, the number of those who have a business in the domain of logistics has increased a lot, due to the fact that this investment area can prove to be very successful. The concept of logistics has become more popular in the last five years, especially in the countries where there is a high level of economic development. But according to specialists from this domain, there are also some mistakes that people make at the beginning of their career as logistic managers because of the fact they aren’t able to create a strong strategy. So, they have to face a lot of unknown situations that can become extremely stressful.

But also the experts say that the best solution is creating a logistics network that offers people the possibility to benefit from  better organization. There are, however, a lot of advantages of creating a global logistics network and the most important of them is the fact that you have the opportunity to find some trustworthy partners that will help you achieve a good management of your clients.

For a better understanding, a global logistic network is an alliance which is established between the companies that offer the same types of services and its role is to grow continuously, by increasing the number of members. As any other alliance from the market, the global logistic network can impose some conditions for those who are interested in becoming part of it. For example, it can ask a company to have a certain number of clients or a certain experience. In any case, when it comes to this fact, the main ingredient is a relationship based on cooperation and coordination.

Another important advantage regarding the world cargo alliances is that it gives its members the opportunity to avoid risks. The main types of risks are the financial ones, especially because the economic level is highly fluctuating, even in the most developed countries. This fact makes people feel insecure and determine them to think more about joining a freight forwarder network.

These advantages don’t apply only to those who decide to create a logistic network, but also to those who choose to become part of it. Usually, sharing clients and the possibility to get new ones are the principal factors that convince them to adhere to the alliance. In order to convince yourself of the benefits of a logistic network, try to look at Globalia Logistics Network, one of the biggest players from the USA transport industry. Also, GLN is famous because it annually organizes a conference which is dedicated to all the members who are interested in developing their transport business.

On the other hand, if you ask yourself if there are some disadvantages when it comes to creating or being part of a logistic network, the answer is very simple. There is only one disadvantage that is related to the fact that sometimes alliances are formed only by those who are leaders on their own local markets. So, before thinking of becoming a member, it’s highly recommended to create a global vision and to motivate your employees to offer the best results. And if you decide that you are prepared to become part of something big like a global logistics network, try to analyze the situation and make sure that it fits you best.